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Meet Intel Data Center Manager SDK

Have you ever thought that Intel can have something to do with Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) systems? Well, I haven't. I thought they are focused on IT hardware and software development, but not too much related to data center. Well, except the fact they have their own data centers, like all big companies. I was totally wrong in my guessing. When you connect the knowledge of IT hardware and software vendor with the fact that such company operates its own state-of-the-art data centers the result is obvious – self developed data center management software is a must. In case of Intel, this is exactly – Intel Data Center Manager (Intel DCM) SDK, which is not typical out-of-the box application, but Software Development Kit (SDK), which allows other vendors to create their own data center management solutions. This is really a very interesting stuff, even if you don't have any background in software engineering. At least worth to be examined more deeply, especially when we discover the list of DCIM, as well as other data center management supporting software, ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) which are using Intel DCM SDK in their products. Let's take a short tour on Intel DCM SDK.


BMS/SCADA vs DCIM. Can one replace another?

The basic fact for any business domain – without control there is no management. Therefore, in data center industry there are many options available to provide control capabilities in the related areas – both facilities and IT oriented. And here comes the need to integrate all data sources into one, single point of view to enable proper decision making and holistic control over the infrastructure – it really doesn't matter if we call this process an integration or a convergence. This explains todays Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) systems popularity, but having this perspective opened, we shouldn't forget about older systems, which are widespread in facilities and data center management domains: Building Management Systems (BMS). When and where to use each other? Do we really need both of them in data center?


openDCIM 1.3 available

I've already realized that openDCIM – open source alternative to commercial DCIM systems – was updated to the newest, 1.3 version. As always, those who are familiar with the project should test drive the new version and newcomers should definitely visit the project's website to try the demo and learn more about the features. Good luck, openDCIM!

Data center energy cost calculator on-line

Some time ago we had to estimate the costs of data center energy in given time period – of course, quickly. My friend, Sebastian Jary, developed MS Excel spreadsheet from scratch, we made the estimations and then realized: wow, that's a very simple, but usable tool. All I could ask was if there is an option for me to adapt his spreadsheet from MS Excel to HTML/JavaScript version. I really wanted to have this tool available on-line. This is a short story behind data center energy cost calculator on-line, which is now available in the Tools menu, or can be accessed here.


openDCIM 1.2 available

New version of openDCIM is available. This time – 1.2. Seems that the project is going well. New version can be downloaded from the project's website and is also available for testing via live-demo option, here. We've already covered openDCIM here, but for full information please refer to the project's page.