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Data center relocation guidelines

Data center construction? Yes, a huge project to be realized with the highest possible level of quality control. What about data center relocation? Probably you don't want to go with local TAXI company? Of course, no. Therefore, it's good to prepare yourself for relocation, so let's read a short and very informative guideline – an article published on Reliant Technology website, titled: "10 Questions to Ask About Data Center Relocation".


Cooling, cooling and more about cooling

"Basics of Data Center Cooling", an article by Jeff Clark which is available in Data Center Journal, just cannot be missed. Of course, it covers basics, as stated in the title, but these are also solid foundations for further knowledge. Therefore, I strongly recommend reading for all IT guys interested in data center operations, including data center staff that is not directly related to cooling.


Data center converters updated

On-line converters updated. Now it's possible to convert: kW to/from kVA, kW to/from HP, kW to/from BTU/hr, feets to/from meters, inches to/from centimeters, Celsius to/from Fahrenheit. There are also percentage calculators – three possible cases covered. Let's see some more details.


Kip nad Gary: Important update!

Well, well, well... Seems last time I didn't present all details about Kip and Gary and didn't explain how data center caption contest really works! Right now we have a drawn procedure (or - diagram), created for our convenience by Diane Alber. We can familiarize ourselves with it on Kip and Gary Blog. Also, I have to say that the most current, as for today, contest: "Love in the datacenter on Valentines day" is terribly hard to me. I even asked my wife for support! I hope we will provide interesting caption together :-)

kW to kVA? kVA to kW? How many HP? BTU? Convert it yourself

I realized that from time to time there is a need to quickly convert values of real power (kW) to apparent power (kVA) according to the different power factor (PF), which not always is – common – 0.8 or 1 (for the sake of simplicity or in ideal world). Also, popular case – you have to tell someone how many kW is given kVA value in a very specific case (let's say during defining the requirements for UPS system). Or, even more specific question – how many BTU/h can given device emit according to declared kW? Typical situations, simple calculations, but when values are hard to calculate it can be tricky to get quick and correct answers. Hence, you need a support from your calculator or  even better – dedicated converters. Fortunately, there are dozens of different conversion tools available on-line, but... Honestly, I decided not to use on-line converters written by someone else anymore, especially, because this is terribly simple task to do your own piece of code. So, I did my first converters and embedded them to this site.