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Part 4A. Clone VDI helps with Oracle VirtualBox virtual disks resize operations

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I created a 20 GB virtual disk drive for Solaris 11.1 and Oracle DB 11gR2. This was really too small and the most comfortable thing I could do was to use Clone VDI 2.10. This is small, simple and very useful piece of software – really recommended for all Oracle VirtualBox users. Not only we can clone our virtual hard disks, manage their UUIDs, perform compacting, but also easily resize disks.


To solve my problem I made a backup of my virtual hard drive file (sic!), started Clone VDI, selected my source virtual hard drive (Solaris11_1_test.vdi) which was 20 GB fixed size, I changed the name of my destination virtual hard drive file (in this case: Clone of Solaris11_1_test_X.vdi – to be honest, not a nice name, but everyone can decide on his own, which is recommended). I also selected the options to: "Keep old UUID" and "Increase virtual drive size to 30.00 GB". With such configuration I expected to have a drop-in replacement of my 20 GB source virtual hard drive. I waited for a couple of minutes…


Clone VDI in action


… And it was done. So, I replaced my old, 20 GB file with the new, 30 GB one. With some reference to the Solaris 11.1 administrator’s guide I was able to easily allocate a new space for my root storage pool with ZFS commands (refer to the "Solaris Internals" for more information).


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0 #2 Turingsman 2013-06-29 11:09
Well, I’m less sceptical about virtualization. As any other technology, once implemented in ordered manner, according to the analysis and designs for required purposes and then maintained and documented properly, it cannot hurt us too much. To be honest – VirtualBox is a simple yet effective way to use desktop virtualization. Great for some development (like in this tutorial) or smaller organizations. There are much more sophisticated virtualization technologies available for more serious applications.

What I can guarantee is that the method presented in this article worked for me and thanks to that I was able to finish this tutorial without the need of creating new virtual disk and installing all the software from scratch once again.

Something else must have been corrupted in your case.
0 #1 steve 2013-04-04 09:58
:sad: does do the job but by result is useless as vbox can not start it wining about errors ! Tool does not modify description file *.vbox as is missing with modified - resized vdi image ! The simlest way would be using clone manager in vBox buth with option to resize virtual image as oncreation process ! Problem is well known but no real solution ! Tool provided does not do the whole job and is therefore useles !
I was forced to reinvent hot water again and do the whole work again with creation new image ! Lack of option to resize virtual images in vBox is huge drawback and workarrounds and howtos leading only in crippled systems ! Thus so many people using virtual tech ! Its far more easy to install and resize real systems as virtual ones ! But this should be other way arround as virtual drive behave like file ! This only shows that tools for managing real systems are far more better as for virtual ones or even do not exists !

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