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Start programming using Object Pascal and Lazarus/FPC

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A great news for Lazarus/FPC beginners all over the world! Not only version 1.0 of popular, multiplatform, 32/64-bit IDE/compiler (Lazarus/FPC) is available for us (what we’ve already covered here), but also… A book "Start programming using Object Pascal" by Motaz Abdel Azeem was translated to English by the author (originally written in Arabic) and published under Creative Commons license for our convenience.

This book is a great introduction into programming in Object Pascal with Free Pascal Compiler and Lazarus IDE, and can be recommended for all programmers who want to learn Object Pascal, programming students, hobbyists as well as non-programmers. The book covers all the basics of Object Pascal, through Structured Programming concepts, up to generals of Object Oriented Programming paradigm.

You can download the book from this address, here.


Thanks to the author!

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