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New features of MS Windows Server 2012

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Interested in the forthcoming MS Windows Server 2012 and its features? Good! Mitch Tulloch has updated his very popular free e-book – "Introducing Windows Server 2012" – based on the RTM version of the software. The book is about 256 pages long and can be freely downloaded from the Mircosoft Press blog or purchased in the hard copy version ($14.99) from the official distributor, O’Reilly Media. Too much reading? At least, let’s watch CBT MicroNugget video on MS Windows Server 2012 installation by Tim Warner.


Firstly, "Introducing Windows Server 2012" e-book, which is very comprehensive material for really interested administrators. According to the Microsoft Press blog:



A key feature of this book is the inclusion of sidebars written by members of the Windows Server team, Microsoft Support engineers, Microsoft Consulting Services staff, and others who work at Microsoft. These sidebars provide an insider’s perspective that includes both "under-the-hood" information concerning how features work, and strategies, tips, and best practices from experts who have been working with the platform during product development.



You can download "Introducing Windows Server 2012" e-book in one of available formats directly from the following URLs:

  • "Introducing Windows Server 2012 RTM Edition" – PDF ebook
  • "Introducing Windows Server 2012 RTM Edition" – ePub format
  • "Introducing Windows Server 2012 RTM Edition" – MOBI format (for Kindle)


MS Windows Server 2012 Start screen

Doesn't it look familiar? Well.. This is MS Windows Server 2012 Start screen [source: Wikipedia]


Secondly, if you don’t want in-depth information from the book, you can watch this short CBT MicroNugget video by Tim Warner in which he discusses the two installation modes of Windows Server 2012: Server Core Installation and Server with a GUI. Also, you’ll see how easy it is to install Windows Server 2012 by walking through the process with Tim together:


CBT MicroNugget video on MS Windows Server 2012 installation modes (video by Tim Warner), as published by cbtnuggets user on YouTube


Finally, I wonder how many production machines are still running MS Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 today (come on – since October 2009 no additional Service Packs are planned for this version) and were not migrated to MS Windows Server 2008 R2 still. And now… We should prepare ourselves for MS Windows Server 2012. Therefore, "Introducing Windows Server 2012" by Mitch Tulloch can be a very interesting lecture (also, if you have seen the above video by Tim Warner - don't you want to learn more? Read the book!).

Information for very late adopters: please note, that on July 14, 2015, all Windows 2003 support, including security updates and security-related hotfixes, will be terminated!

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