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PascalSCADA. HMI/SCADA for developers using Lazarus/FPC

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PascalSCADA – I’ve heard about this project in October 2009 for the first time and it was immediately covered in the Polish data center professionals portal: DCSerwis.pl (currently suspended). However, PascalSCADA is under continuous development and I have to present it here, again – especially because we are lucky to have Lazarus IDE for Free Pascal Compiler available in version 1.0 since August 2012. This project is a good advertisement of Lazarus/FPC and it can be interesting not only for Lazarus/FPC or Delphi developers, but also for some data center professionals having general knowledge about SCADA systems and programming. For sure, PascalSCADA will be appreciated by those who have software engineering or automation and control engineering background. So, what exactly PascalSCADA is?


PascalSCADA is a set of components (a framework) for Delphi or Lazarus/FPC aimed for a quick development of industrial HMI/SCADA applications. PascalSCADA allows programmers to easily exchange data between their applications and PLCs, to create interfaces, to store values and alarms from processes, to control attached equipment and – therefore – underlying industrial processes. PascalSCADA provides port drivers (serial, ethernet), protocol drivers (Modbus RTU, ModBus TCP, West ASCII, Ibox and Siemens ISOTCP), tags (numeric, string, block) and UI controls (edit, labels, progressbar, animations). Current version is 0.7.2.


PascalSCADA components in use...

PascalSCADA components in use...


Two things are important for PascalSCADA – any HMI/SCADA application can look as we want – because all visualizations is based on forms design only, as well as it can be multiplatform.

Platforms supported by PascalSCADA:

  • Windows, 32 bits and 64 bits
  • Linux, 32 bits and 64 bits
  • FreeBSD, 32 bits and 64 bits (64 bits needs FPC 2.4.4+)
  • Windows CE (needs FPC 2.6.0+)


... PascalSCADA in use

PascalSCADA components in use... Machine hall


PascalSCADA is available on GNU Library or Lesser General Public License version 2.0 (LGPLv2) – which means we can use this framework for both free/amateur and commercial projects.

More information on PascalSCADA website. Also, on PascalSCADA Facebook wall.


Good luck, PascalSCADA!

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0 #1 pfe 2014-02-13 06:50
I tried to use the last pascalscada but there is a compilation problem when I compile the package in a brand new vm linux machine ( with the newest fpc ). Are you facing also these problems ?
Thanks for replying

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