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"Vanquisher. A data center optimization adventure" by Oracle

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A very nice surprise from Oracle – "Vanquisher. A data center optimization adventure". What's that? Well, this is a kind of an on-line arcade game in which you can guide the main character, a typical data center professional, on his challenging run to optimize the data center and… Save the company!


I haven't finished the game yet – as it is not so easy for casual player – and I managed to earn only 390.75 points of score at first time I played seriously. Yeah, I know it's nothing special – there are people with 2230,00 points listed at the top of the high-score table. Want to beat them? Don't wait.

As long as I managed to walk through the game, I can tell you – the first level is very basic with music, which somehow reminds me the sound of famous Commodore 64 SID sound chip; the second level is nicer and harder (you are equipped with fabulous armour and universal vacuum cleaner), it reminds me one of my all-time favourite game: Turrican on Atari ST/Amiga; the third level has the best music (between mentioned three levels) in my opinion and reminds me – to some extent – Captain Dynamo game I played on Atari ST and 386DX back in time. I haven't seen more levels, so my review will stop here – you must explore the game on your own, if you're interested and want some relaxing fun.


Vanquisher 1


Vanquisher 2


Vanquisher 3


Vanquisher 4


Vanquisher 5

Some screenshots from the game - you can play it here


Honestly? Moderate on-line game, but very interesting concept, definitely relaxing and made in this "old-school classics" (known from 8/16-bit computers) style. What is the most important – this game is related to the data center optimization. And this makes "Vanquisher. A data center optimization adventure" very unique… Also, who wouldn't like to have such an interesting job, so hi-tech armour at work and this universal vacuum cleaner (this is the tool we all need – simple to use, effective and solves most of the problems).

… I don't know why, but this game also reminds me a title from Commodore 64 – "Big Mac the Mad Maintenance Man".

Have fun! And – thanks Oracle! Smile

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