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Data Center Trends 2013 Warsaw conference is finished. A short summary

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On 24th October 2013, at Millennium Plaza (Golden Floor), in Warsaw/Poland, there was a great data center related event: "Data Center Trends 2013" conference, organized by Pure Conferences. We attended this conference to represent our employer – Nordea – and show some of our latest achievements in the field of data center infrastructure development and maintenance. This time two of my friends were giving presentations, so it was a serious reason for me to feel at least double glad and double lucky! Let’s have a look at some more information regarding this very successful event. 


There were nine very interesting lectures prepared by: Reichle & De-Massari Polska, FiMa Sp z o.o., Inventpower Sp. z o.o., WITS/Gigamon, Lubasz&Wspólnicy. Kancelaria Radców Prawnych, Skyline Teleinfo S.A and Audytel S.A. Among these companies, Nordea appeared twice. First presentation, given by Piotr Trzciński, was titled "Projekty infrastrukturalne w obszarze obiektów przetwarzania danych" (in English: "Infrastructural projects in the field of data processing centers"). Second presentation, given by Krzysztof Kęsicki, was titled: "Wdrożenie kompleksowego systemu monitorowania serwerowni. Studium przyadku" (in English: "Complex server room monitoring system implementation. Case study").


Data Center Trends 2013 Warsaw, 1

There were many data center industry experts on Data Center Trends 2013, Warsaw conference - among them: Nordea

The full agenda (in Polish only) is available here
The list of industry experts invited to Data Center Trends 2013 conference, together with their short resumes, is available here (in Polish only).

Piotr Trzciński mainly focused on the development of physical infrastructure for data processing centers – not typical, state-of-the-art data centers, but bigger server rooms which are required in all kinds of operational centers or business HQs. Also, Piotr presented the difference between bigger infrastructural project – like Nordea Operations Center construction and development in Lodz, Poland – and smaller, like very common change requests submitted from business branches all over Poland in the last few years. He emphasized on good practices, current Nordea experience in the related fields and tried to give some guidelines for other industry experts which might be involved into similar activities. This was a typical project (or change request) related presentation, strictly connected with all the issues one has to address when dealing with technical infrastructure development.


Data Center Trends 2013 Warsaw, 2

Piotr Trzciński during his presentation...


Data Center Trends 2013 Warsaw, 3

... described the process of infrastructural change requests implementation...


Data Center Trends 2013 Warsaw, 4

... and presented the latest Nordea Operations Centre project initiatives for 2013, 2014


To some level – in contrary – Krzysztof Kęsicki dedicated his presentation to typical data center and technical infrastructure maintenance. All in all, once something is built with success, we need to maintain it all the time – the less time we spend on all kind of analysis, the more "remote" we can be and the more proactive we are… That’s the measure of real, modern maintenance practices. Therefore, some time ago we decided to implement, so called, complex server room monitoring system in the area of Poland. To be honest, the scope of this system is much wider than only typical server room monitoring. We try to monitor all important parameters in all critical places, this means – not only power quality, cooling, rack cabinet state (opened/closed), temperature and humidity in server rooms, but also transformer station or diesel power generator parameters, as well as detailed cooling devices parameters. All supported with the remote video surveillance, which is a tremendous help during all kinds of periodical maintenance works performed by third party companies. Of course, the level of monitoring and control is adjusted according to the criticality factor of given location.


Data Center Trends 2013 Warsaw, 5

Krzysztof Kęsicki presents KMS - Complex Server Room Monitoring System - logical architecture diagram...


Data Center Trends 2013 Warsaw, 6

... and a concept design for Nordea House Warsaw business HQ in Warsaw (2012)...


Data Center Trends 2013 Warsaw, 7

... as well as some real-life scenarios – how to remotely supervise the maintenance works and monitor current operational parameters of maintained equipment.


I believe both presentations were complementary and can be summarized with one sentence: "not only we have to take care about infrastructure development, being focused on maximum quality during change request or project stages, but also we have to take care about the infrastructure we use on daily basis, maintaining it with the most current standards and solutions, to minimize the risk of downtime". If someone get this idea – this is our success. All other details can be read in the presentations themselves.

Finally, I would like to say that the whole conference was well-balanced. All lectures were really interesting. Having in mind the fact that the Polish data center market is very small, I must admit that the event was not boring at all. This was also a great occasion to meet the industry experts we know, gain new, professional contacts and share the experience with wider public. I’m sure that at least from time to time each industry expert should attend such conference to present one’s own achievements or to talk with others on the best practices, popular issues and the most effective solutions which are available.

Moreover, for us all – Piotr, Krzysztof and me – this was a special occasion, as we were fulfilling our professional development commitments we agreed for this year. From all possible perspectives I have to say that I’m pleased I attended this conference and I had a possibility to see the presentations prepared by Data Centre Services Team members.

Good job, guys!

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