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… Ignition sequence started… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… All engines running

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Well, well, well... This is it. I thought to launch my personal site since I’ve been involved into the Internet somewhere in 1997. However, it was not easy to find enough time to do something satisfying. Not to mention, that you have to feel there is something you can express… Suddenly, near 2000, we had the blogs introduction, but still, I was not ready. Now, I feel, I can have my own, personal part of the Internet, where I can express myself – some of my achievements and thoughts, which I personally think, are good enough to share with others. Am I getting old?

I hope these pages will not only introduce myself to the potential business partners, but also will be helpful for other people interested in the same subjects, as I am. Have a nice reading.

I don’t think my blog will be updated very often, although, I plan to make some occasional records. Anyway, please feel this site is officially IGNITED! – as the rocket on the video linked below!

"Precisely on schedule" - I hope you got it!

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