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Physical security in data center. Short guideline

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Physical security is a part of any data center design. That's simple. If data center is considered the foundation for the whole organizational IT, it has to be secured. Of course, one can spend gazillions of dollars to provide best of the best and the most sophisticated IT security systems, including firewalls, IPS, IDS, intelligent network traffic analyzers, anti-virus, spam filtering and security events monitoring systems with correlation features, but... All these things are worth nothing if there is no physical security implemented in the data center, first. So, what shall we do?

Unfortunately, physical security is a knowledge domain itself, like many other domains crossing data center world (including electricity, cooling, building construction, building automation, structural cabling, IT systems management etc.). That's somehow normal in the data center. Therefore we need comprehensive and synthetic guidelines on which we can rely during physical security planning, design and implementation. Moreover, we need to support ourselves with many 3rd party subcontractors specializing in each given field related to physical security. Of course, we have to know what we're talking about, why and what we expect. Without such basic knowledge we can forget about any physical security.


Physical security in the data center can be extremely serious subject. Everything depends on the importance of data processed inside  facility - which is represented by so called - criticalness of given data center. Therefore, when it comes to explosives, there are no jokes. Please watch included video, to realize how serious can be physical security in some specific cases [as presented by user DatacenterFuture on YouTube] (I like this video, somehow :-)




Therefore, I'm happy I somehow found (during going from site to site on the Internet in my spare time in fact, but not sure how) very interesting and comprehensive article on data center security. It's not very fresh – as it was published in 2005 in CSO online magazine. However, I can strongly recommend reading it. Here it is: "19 Ways to Build Physical Security into a Data Center" by Sarah D. Scalet.

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